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How to Edit, Remove, and Add a Payment Method

A quick guide on how to manage your payment methods

Managing your payment methods on Wander is a breeze. Whether you're updating expired cards or adding a new preferred method, here's a quick guide to effortlessly handle your payment details.

Note: Adding a payment method is done directly from the checkout page while editing or removing is done through your profile tab.

  1. Launch the Wander app on your mobile device or access the Wander website on your computer.

  2. Once in the app or on the website, go to your Profile tab and find the "Payments" section. Here, you can access "Payment Methods" directly.

  3. Within the "Payment Methods" section, select the payment method you want to edit or remove. Follow the prompts to make the necessary changes.

Need more assistance? Feel free to check out our other guides or reach out to Wander’s 24/7 Concierge Team through the Wander App!


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