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How to Pay Using Split with Friends

Here's a step-by-step guide to splitting costs with friends

Say goodbye to the hassle of sending Venmo requests to your group and the awkward reminders to that one forgetful friend. You can split group payments with ease using Wander's Split with Friends feature.

  1. Once a property and dates have been decided, the primary guest inputs the number of attendees
    and pays their share to initiate the booking.

  2. Once the primary guest pays their share, the selected dates are reserved for 48 hours, allowing time
    for others to contribute their portions.

  3. The primary user will receive a unique link that they can copy/share with friends and family.

  4. Friends and family can use this link to contribute their share within the 48-hour reservation period. Note that the maximum split per booking is eight (8) people.

  5. Once everyone has contributed, the booking is confirmed, and you're all set for your trip!

Scenarios and Solutions:

  1. Changing Your Mind: If you decide you no longer want to split the payment and opt to pay for the entire trip yourself, you can find the “Pay the rest” option in the app on your trip tab.

  2. Multiple Payment Methods: If you started the split-with-friends process and want to pay with different cards, we suggest that you consider creating additional Wander accounts to simulate friends. Invite those accounts to contribute and pay accordingly. Alternatively, you can pay the remainder on your single card with the "cover the rest" option on your trip tab.

  3. Adjusting Payment Split: If you initially chose to pay three ways but now prefer two, consider this smooth workaround: have your friend cover their third, then simply click "pay the rest" on your trip tab at checkout.

You may also check out this video for a quick walkthrough of the Split with Friends feature. Happy travels!

Need more assistance? Feel free to check out our other guides or reach out to Wander’s 24/7 Concierge Team through the Wander App!


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