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How Automatic Refunds Work

Check this out to learn more about refunds!

When you book with Wander, remember that we can only process refunds in Wander credits if you need to cancel your reservation — just ensure to cancel your booking at least 14 days before your stay and before 4 PM EST!

The refund process is system-automated and just within 15 minutes after cancellation or less, the credits should be reflected in your account.

There are two ways to check your Wander credits:

  1. Using the Wander App
    Open the Profile tab on the app and you can see your current Wander credits balance at the top of the screen.

  1. On the web
    Visit Wander's site and make sure to log in to your account.

    Go to the top right corner and click on your profile.

    Your account details, including your Wander credits, will appear. 

In the rare event that your credits seem to be missing, feel free to contact the Wander Concierge at +1 737-377-3205 or via the in-app chat for help!


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