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How to Filter by Categories

Easily find your dream destination with this feature

Wander offers a unique and user-friendly way to search for your next vacation based on the type of environment you desire. Our categories feature allows you to tailor your search to specific landscapes and amenities, making it easier to find a place that matches your dream vacation setting. Here's how you can make the most of this feature.

Understanding the Category Tabs

Just below the main search bar on both the web and our app, you will see various category tabs such as 'Ocean,' 'Mountains,' 'Desert,' 'Forest,' and more. Each tab represents a unique travel environment or experience:

  • Ocean: For those who love the sea breeze and sandy beaches.

  • Mountains: Ideal for guests looking to hike or enjoy panoramic views.

  • Desert: Perfect for a serene escape in wide-open spaces.

  • Forest: A retreat for nature lovers seeking a lush, green landscape.

  • Skiing: Destinations that offer snowy slopes for skiing enthusiasts.

  • Pools: Properties featuring private or communal swimming pools.

Selecting a Category

Click on any category that piques your interest. The website will refresh and display properties that fall under the chosen category. Select your chosen property and it will take you to the property page, where you can select the dates you desire.

And that's it! For more questions about booking, feel free to contact Concierge through the Wander app.


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