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5 Things To Know About Japanese Soaking Tubs

Cool things to know about our Japanese Soaking Tub!

Wander Cave Creek is one of our most meditative homes, designed for physical and spiritual rejuvenation. From the secret mediation room to zen-inspired water features, you are sure to feel relaxed during your stay. One feature you won't want to miss is the Japanese Soaking Tub, off of the main bedroom. Japanese Soaking Tubs have a rich history and countless medical benefits, and we are so excited to have you try this one out!

Traditionally, Japanese Soaking Tubs are used for spiritual and physical clearing. Have your intention in mind of what you'd like to wash away. The intention can be as specific as a certain event or belief weighing heavily on you, or as general as release of any physical and mental tension.

After you have your intention, you can start with a shower to rinse off, then get started with the Japanese Soaking Tub:

Things to keep in mind

  1. Japanese Soaking Tubs only let out hot water, and the water is very hot, so please be careful. Let the water run till your tub is filled. Then with one finger test the water until you're ready. If unsure, always best to wait.

  2. Japanese Soaking Tubs take longer to cool: the Japanese soaking tub is designed with a deeper tub, so less surface area of the water exposed to the air. This means longer, hotter soaks. Always listen to your body when it comes to hot water treatments, and soak for the length of time that feels best to you.

  3. Submerge your whole body! The soaking tub is designed for you to be deeper in the water than western tubs: soaking is great for muscle soreness, as well as general rejuvenation of the mind!

  4. Make sure to be well hydrated when going for a hot soak, and if pregnant or have certain medical conditions: think about sorter soaks (10 mins or so) when the water has cooled down from its top temperature.

  5. Set the tone with calming music. YouTube is a great spot for long videos of awesome sounds. Some of our favorites are singing bowls, gentle rain (gentle rain is also a really great sleeping track) , koshi wind chimes, or for a deeper mediation the gong. Try out listening to the sounds and see where they take you, giving your mind a rest from your to-do lists.

We hope you enjoy exploring the rich cleansing Japanese Soaking Tubs can offer. With this investment in yourself getting some time to soak, you can use the momentum to hone your self-care practices you can take home with you like:

  • reading good books (The Art of Happiness is a favorite of John Andrew's)

  • journaling - check out "New York Times 36 Questions that lead to love" and you can use them as journal prompts, "deep journaling prompts" also has many ideas to explore.

  • meditation - slowing down and listening music is an easy way to enter into mediation, it doesn't have to be hard or look a certain way. Music accesses parts of the brain deeper than most cognitive function resides, so no real work is required on your part other than just listening either while on a walk in nature (walking with intention feeling the earth beneath you) or a comfortable position.

We hope you enjoy your soak, and may the relaxation and self-care practices you cultivate at Wander Cave Creek grow to enrich your life.


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