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How to Reset the Internet at Wander Cave Creek

Here’s how to reset the internet console in just a few simple steps!

We know that staying connected is an absolute must even while on vacation — from keeping in touch with loved ones back at home to enjoying entertainment right at your fingertips, having a stable internet connection can make or break your entire stay!

So, if you find the internet connection spotty, don't worry. With just a few simple steps, you can reset the router and get back online in no time. Keep reading to learn how to do the reboot at Wander Cave Creek!

Troubleshooting steps

  1. First, head to the laundry room to access the server rack. The server rack is slightly elevated, so use the black step stools found in the garage by the Tesla charger for easier access.

  2. The console is in a black server rack, and the keys are in a white cabinet to the right. Twist the cabinet’s black knobs, and you should find the keys inside the bottom right corner.

  3. Once the server rack is unlocked, look for the all-in-one networking console (UDM Pro), as shown in the photo above. 

  4. To reboot the device, unplug the UDM Pro's black power cable from the back and wait 30 seconds to a minute before plugging it back in. Please do not unplug the wires you see in front to avoid further issues.

  5. Finally, once you're back online, you can perform a speed test to confirm that everything is working and up to speed.

Remember, if the above solution doesn’t do the trick, feel free to contact Wander concierge for help.


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