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How to Use the Fire Feature at Wander Cave Creek

Follow these easy steps to stay warm!

This blog is to help you operate the fire feature at Wander Cave Creek so you may enjoy all the lux amenities during your stay. Read on to get started!

How to use the fire feature: 

  • The fire feature is located in front of the seating area for the primary bedroom (the graveled area)

  • To turn on the fireplace, you can locate the black remote on the wine fridge in the master bedroom. Point it to the extreme right of the fire feature and press “ON”. 

  • Alternatively, you can also check out a short video on how to use the fire feature in the home manual in the Wander app.

Note: To prevent the remote control from being damaged, it's advisable not to leave it in direct sunlight or near any source of heat, such as a fire.

If you’re still having any trouble, Wander's 24/7 Concierge team is available through the in-app chat. They'll be happy to help!


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