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How to Use the Hot Tub at Wander Cave Creek

Ready to dip in the tub? Check this guide first.

Would there be anything more relaxing than enjoying the majestic mountain views from a hot tub in Wander Cave Creek? Read on to get started!

How to activate and prime the jets

Press the Jets 1 button once to prime the pumps in low-speed mode. Wait a few seconds after the pump comes on and water is visible pouring from the jets before pressing Jets 1 again to activate the high-speed operation of Pump 1. When water flows from the jets, the pump has been primed. Please do the same for Jets 2.

When priming is finished, the temperature will be displayed on the home status screen. The device takes around 1-2 minutes to detect and show the right water temperature.

How to change the temperature

You can see the current water temperature near the bottom of the home status screen. Tap the arrows up (warm) or down (cool) on the Spa Control Panel to set your preferred temperature. You just have to wait 20-30 minutes while the spa heats the water for you. 

At the bottom of the screen, Cooling to xx.x appears if the set value is lower than the current temperature, and Heating to xx.x if it's higher. The heating starts after a short delay, during which Heating suspended is displayed under the value. The message Set point reached will appear when the water temperature reaches your set point.

Quick Tip: For easier viewing inside the spa, tap the Mode/Invert button to invert the display image.

How to activate the light

Press the Light button once to turn the light on and a second time to turn it off. By pushing the button repeatedly, the light will cycle through several modes and colors (flashing, fading, solid color). 

Hot tub cleaning and maintenance

We regularly service the hot tub's water between guests' turnovers to ensure it remains clean and healthy. This includes chemical balancing (chlorine/bromine and other chemicals), skimming, vacuuming, and tub brushing & filter cleaning as required. Rinsing off before you go to the hot tub could also help us clear the water of impurities for you and your crew! 

If the water seems cloudy or murky, nothing to worry about! Once you switch the hot tub on, the pumps and filters will activate, and with the help of sanitizing agents, it will clear the water up! 

Feel free to reach out to the 24/7 Wander concierge team if you have any questions.


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