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Wander Cave Creek Stove Top Directions

How to use the stovetop at Wander Cave Creek

The stovetop at Wander Cave Creek is a Gaggenau Model number #CX491610/06


The cooktop has full area induction. You can place the cookware anywhere on the entire usable cooking surface. The position, size and shape of the cookware used is automatically detected. Note: Only 2 cooking positions may be used at the same time on each side of the cooktop.

Touch display

The touch display can be operated easily with your fingers. Activate the desired function by briefly touching the corresponding display area or areas within the display. Note: The relevant function is activated only after you take your finger away.

How to turn on:

Use the main switch to switch the cooktop on and off.

To switch on: touch the power symbol. The indicator above the main switch lights up. After a short activation time, the cooktop is ready for operation.

To switch off: touch the # symbol. The indicator in the display switches off. All cooking positions are switched off. Hibernate mode is activated. The heat indicator remains lit until the cooking positions have cooled down sufficiently.

Note: The cooktop switches off automatically if all cooking positions have been switched off for more than 60 seconds and you do not make any settings on the touch display.

Hibernate mode

As soon as you switch off the cooktop, Hibernate mode is activated for a set duration. The lamp above the main switch flashes. Only after this duration has passed does the cooktop switch off completely.

During Hibernate mode, you can switch the appliance on again using the main switch. The appliance is immediately ready for use.

Setting a cooking position

Use the scroll function to set the desired power level. Each power level has an intermediate level. This is identified with x.5.

Power level 1.0 = lowest power

Power level 9.0 = highest power

Setting the power level

The cooktop must be switched on.

  1. Place cookware on the cooking surface.

  2. Touch the # symbol of the cooking position in the display. 0.0 lights up in the display.

  1. In the next 4 seconds, slide your finger up and set the desired power level.

Switching off the cooking position

Slide your finger down until 0.0 appears.

The cooking position switches off and appears as a detected cooking position after approx. 4 seconds.

Scroll function

With the scroll function, you can change different adjustment values such as power levels, cooking duration and time, as well as other values in the Options menu. First select the value you wish to adjust. Then touch the display area and slide your finger up or down.

Residual heat indicator

The cooktop has a residual heat indicator shaped like 3 waves side by side, for each side of the cooktop. It indicates any cooking positions that are still hot. Do not touch the cooking positions or the side of the cooktop with this display. Even if the cooktop is already off, it will stay lit for as long as the cooking positions are still hot.

We hope this helps the use of the stovetop at Wander Cave Creek. Reach out to the 24/7 Wander concierge team for any assistance you need.


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