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How to Dispose the Trash at Wander Ponte Vedra

Your guide to disposing of the trash properly!

Our goal in Wander is to match (even exceed) your expectations while staying with us. And one way we do that is by making sure you arrive at a spotless home, inside and out. Yes, we take cleanliness seriously!

To help keep the laid-back luxury look of Wander Ponte Vedra, you can find the outdoor trash bins on the side of the house near the AC units. Extra trash bags are always helpful, so we make sure we have some stowed away during your stay. You can find additional ones under the kitchen sink if you need them. Please note that trash collection is every Monday, while recycling is every Wednesday, both at 7 am. To ensure that your trash is collected during your stay, kindly bring it out either the night before or early in the morning on the day of collection.

Now that we’re all set with the trash, you shouldn’t miss out on what St. Augustine can offer! Check out the three must-see castles within 8 miles of Wander Ponte Vedra. But if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, we got something lined up for you, too! 

Still trying to get the trash sorted out? Wander Concierge is available 24/7 through the app, so just ping them up!


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