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How to Use the Fire Pit and Fireplace at Wander Ponte Vedra

Stay warm with these easy steps!

This blog is to help you operate the fire pits and fireplaces at Wander Ponte Vedra so you may enjoy all the lux amenities during your stay. Read on to get started!

How to use the fireplace:

  • It is located in the living room. The remote for the fireplace should be mounted on the left of the fireplace. 

  • Before use, make sure the switch on the left side of the fireplace is on.

  • Press the red button in the middle of the controller to turn on the fireplace.

  • Make sure you are "in range" to turn on (no more than 5 ft). After pressing the ignitor button, please be patient since it takes a while for it to turn on. 

  • Helpful tip: there are also instructions inside the mount of the controller for the fireplace.

  • Alternatively, you can also check out a short video on how to use the fireplace in the home manual in the Wander app.

How to use the fire pit: 

  • The outdoor firepit is located on the second-floor deck.

  • Hold the ignite button down and slowly turn the knob to the ignite position, then adjust the gas with the knob to set the height of the flame. 

  • Helpful tip: you can find more instructions on the oceanside of the fire pit at the bottom. If you are having trouble igniting through the button, you can always use a grill lighter.

If you’re still having any trouble, Wander’s 24/7 Concierge team is available through the app to help with anything you need!


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