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How to Use the Hot Tub at Wander Ponte Vedra

Ready to dip in the tub? Check this guide first.

Relax and unwind after exploring the city of St. Augustine with your private hot tub at Wander Ponte Vedra! Not sure how to use it? Here's a quick guide.

How to change the temperature

Set the temperature using the Warm (up) and Cool (down) buttons on the hot tub's control panel. Adjust the temperature while the display flashes in order to save any changes.

Once you set the temperature, give it a good three seconds so the system can lock in the temperature you want. The current water temperature will appear once the LCD stops flashing. You just have to wait 20-30 minutes while the spa heats the water, and you’re good to go!

How to activate the jets

To activate the jets, press the Pump button once and then a second time if you want to set it on high speed. The jets would automatically shut off after 20 minutes unless it’s working on heating the water based on the temperature you set.

How to turn on the light

Press the Light button once to turn the light on and a second time to turn it off. Check out the guide above on how to set the light color.

Please note that after one hour, if left on, the light will automatically turn off. 

Hot tub cleaning and maintenance

We regularly service the hot tub's water between guests' turnovers to ensure it remains clean and healthy. This includes chemical balancing (chlorine/bromine and other chemicals), skimming, vacuuming, and tub brushing & filter cleaning as required. Rinsing off before you go to the hot tub could also help us clear the water of impurities for you and your crew! 

If the water seems cloudy or murky, nothing to worry about! Once you switch the hot tub on, the pumps and filters will activate, and with the help of sanitizing agents, it will clear the water up! 

Still need help setting up the tub? Or are you now looking for the best dining spots and dessert joints while in town? Text Wander Concierge through the app – they’d be happy to help out!


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