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6 Best Yoga Classes to Try in Asheville

 Natalie profile picture NatalieMay 10, 2024

Calling all yogis! This is your sign to book a trip to Wander Asheville Meadows and turn it into the zen experience your soul is craving. In addition to all of the relaxing amenities offered at the Wander home, here are some activities to help you find your chi.

French Broad Outfitters SUP Yoga Class

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Photo by French Broad Outfitters

Here's a unique experience you probably haven't tried yet. French Broad Outfitters offers a stand-up paddleboard yoga class to help you build core strength, focus, and balance while finding your zen and upping your yoga game all around.

This is a beginner friendly class, no experience necessary. Tip: depending on the time of day that you are going, be sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray.

Namaste in Nature

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Photo by Namaste in Nature

  • Distance from Wander Asheville: 8.5 miles

  • Location: 45 S French Broad Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

  • Hours: Varies depending on activity 

  • Phone: (828) 276-3536

  • Website: https://www.namasteinnature.com/ 

Namaste in Nature is a unique only-in-Asheville experience that combines yoga and meditation with hiking. From March-November the company leads 75-minute group yoga sessions in the park, near the banks of the French Broad River.

Tip: If you want a more personal experience, the expert instructors can also lead a 1-hour yoga and meditation course at the Wander home, inside or outside! 

Asheville Wellness Tours 

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Photo by Asheville Wellness Tours

  • Distance from Wander Asheville: 0-15 miles, depending on experience 

  • Location: Varies depending on experience 

  • Hours: 9AM – 7PM Monday – Saturday

  • Phone: (828) 407-0711

  • Website: https://ashevillewellnesstours.com/ 

Asheville Wellness Tours offers goat yoga (yes, you read that right!), guided forest bathing and nature therapy, yoga hikes, group tarot readings, and cooking classes. If you're settled and don’t really feel like leaving your Wander home, you can also partake in some of the virtual yoga classes and guided meditations right from where you are.

Tip: the mobile massage experience allows you to enjoy a massage right from the comfort of the Wander home. Your mobile massage therapist brings massage tables or chairs, linens, lotions, oils and music. All you have to do is relax!

Hot Yoga Asheville

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Photo by Hot Yoga Asheville

  • Distance from Wander Asheville: 5.4 miles 

  • Location: 802 Fairview Rd #100, Asheville, NC 28803

  • Hours: 7:30AM-8PM daily 

  • Phone: (828) 299-7003

  • Website: https://hotyogaasheville.com/ 

Sweating is a great, natural way to release toxins in the body. Hot Yoga Asheville offers power flow vinyasa, flow and restore, hot slow flow, and warm slow burn classes. For more information on each course, check out the website.

Tip: the registration window for classes opens up 48 hours in advance. This means that you'll be able to view the weekly schedule, but you can only sign up for classes 2 days before. 

Well Spring Asheville 

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Photo by Well Spring Asheville

  • Distance from Wander Asheville: 4.5 miles 

  • Location: 960 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805 

  • Hours: 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday 

  • Phone: (828) 298-2488

  • Website: https://www.wellspringasheville.com/ 

Well Spring Asheville provides an array of services. Their on-site acupuncturist specializes on traditional Chinese medicine and tui na (medicinal massages for pain).

On Thursday nights at 6PM, the center offers T’ai chi classes to help you de-stress and align your mind and body. Other offerings include pain-reducing massages, mind body nutrition counseling, naturopathy, homeotherapy, and spiritual advising.

The Biltmore Experience: Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bath) 

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Photo from Wikimedia Commons

  • Distance from Wander Asheville: 10 miles 

  • Location: The Biltmore grounds 

  • Hours: 2:30 PM Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 

  • Phone: (828) 225-1425

The “Shinrin Yoku’’ (translated from Japanese to mean “Forest Bath”) is defined as “making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest.” This unique experience aims to engage your senses through guided meditation exercises,

For $30, guests ages 13 and up are able to enjoy a one-hour Shinrin Yoku experience immersed in nature. To participate in this activity, guests must have a daytime ticket.

If you have any questions about our properties, our concierge desk is open for you 24/7. We hope to see you in Wander Asheville Meadows soon!

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