Transforming Customers Into Owners

Announcing the launch of Wander REIT – the first and only vacation rental REIT (as far as we know)

John Andrew Entwistle
John Andrew EntwistleCEO
Transforming Customers Into Owners

I think a lot of companies mistake vision for mission or mission for vision. That confusion often causes chaos, stagnation, and poor decision-making. Teams lose sight of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Customers grow frustrated, and like the great Roman Empire, the company begins to fade away. 

At Wander, I’ve talked previously about why we build. This idea of a happy place, where memories are made. This is our mission. To help people find their happy place. And we’ve done just that. In February, we opened up bookings to everyone, and since then, we’ve had 2,000+ nights across all properties with a 94.6% customer satisfaction rating. That’s over five years of happiness experienced at Wanders. Five years' worth of memories that will last a lifetime.

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A customer testimonial for Wander Bandon Beach

Guided by our mission, our vision is broad, ambitious, and – we believe – important. To build the infrastructure to experience the world, so that as many people as possible can find their happy place.

Over the past eighteen months, we’ve built our platform infrastructure – how customers experience Wander digitally through discovery and booking. Our guest experience infrastructure – how customers enjoy Wander in the real world through our property and concierge service. And today we’re announcing Wander REIT, the next critical piece to our core underlying financial infrastructure – which is how we’ll scale Wander to reach and serve thousands more customers for years to come.

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The Wander stack

Wander REIT is the first and only vacation rental REIT (as far as we know), increasing investor access to a new type of single-family home investment. With Wander REIT, investors have the potential opportunity to earn high-yield passive income targeting an 7-8% annual return, increase their portfolio diversity, and own a piece of our magical network of homes.

At the start, Wander REIT will only be available to accredited investors. You can go to to learn more and, together, build the infrastructure to experience the world.


John Andrew Entwistle
Founder, CEO 

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January 11, 2023

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