Wander Joshua Tree: Complete Guide

Check out this complete guide for your stay at Wander Joshua Tree!

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Wander Joshua Tree: Complete Guide

Staying at Wander Joshua Tree soon? Be sure to bookmark this page for quick links to our most useful guides on getting around Joshua Tree, from restaurant recommendations to must-try activities in the area!

How to get there

When planning you trip to Joshua Tree, transportation to and from the airport is something you'll need to arrange. Don't worry, though—our transport guide has got that covered!

Nespresso machine instructions

At the kitchen, you'll find a handy Nespresso machine sitting on the counter. Brewing a steaming cup of coffee just got easier with this quick guide.

Where to eat

From private chefs to authentic Mexican fare, we rounded up our best dining picks around Joshua Tree that you simply can't miss.

Coffee and tea

Joshua Tree can get pretty warm and humid, especially in the afternoon. Quench your thirst and try a locally-made brew of iced coffee or tea at these spots!

Things to do

If you want to make your trip to Wander Joshua Tree extra memorable, consider planning some activities in your itinerary. Wander Concierge can make arrangements for you—or you can check out this guide, for starters.

Hiking and walking trails

Whether you're heading off to the Colorado Desert or the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree's unique rock formations and stunning views of Coachella Valley are sights to behold. Here are hiking and walking trails for you to try!

Spa retreats

Trust us, you're going to want some me-time after a day of exploration. Head out to a nearby spa or have them come to you, we rounded up some options for you to try.

Child-friendly activities and babysitters

Joshua Tree can be a huge playground for kids and kids at heart! Here are some fun activities to do together, plus some ideas on where to get reliable babysitters when the situation calls for it!

Pet-friendly activities and services

Bringing your pup with you? We listed some pet shops, parks, activities, and pet-friendly restaurants for both of you to try!

We can't wait for you to experience what Joshua Tree has to offer! For questions about home amenities or things to do around town, you can text Wander Concierge at +1-737-377-3205.

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