Wander Anchor Bay: Complete Guide

Bookmark this complete guide for your stay at Wander Anchor Bay!

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Wander Anchor Bay: Complete Guide

Staying at Wander Anchor Bay soon? Be sure to bookmark this page for everything you need to know about your trip, from amenity instructions for your Wander home to dining options around Anchor Bay!

How to get there

From nearby airports to transportation options, this guide covers all the essentials you need to arrange transportation to and from the airport.


In case you haven't heard, your Wander Anchor Bay home is packed with neat amenities such as a hot tub, sauna, Nespresso machine, and Sonos speakers. Learn how to operate those and more in this amenities instruction guide.

Where to eat

Anchor Bay has tons of hidden foodie gems located across town, and we listed some of them right here for you!

Wineries near Anchor Bay

Your Anchor Bay home is just a stone's throw away from California's central coast—home to one of the best wines in the world. Enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir or two at world-class wineries near Anchor Bay.

Suggested activities

Fancy a bit of golfing? Or perhaps a nice horseback riding sesh by the beach? Check out our suggested activities to help you plan your itinerary ahead!

Child-friendly activities and babysitters

Quick disclaimer: Wander Anchor Bay has extremely high cliffs, making it dangerous for kids and pets to roam around. You can still bring them if you wish, just make sure to watch over them at all times. We also rounded up some fun activities you can do together in the area!

Pet-friendly activities and services

Your fur babies will have a blast frolicking around the trails and beaches in and around Anchor Bay! No need to worry about pet-friendly restaurants and other services because we had that covered too.

Hiking and walking trails

The small beautiful town of Gualala near your Anchor Bay home is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with beach and forest trails alike abound. Take a stroll in these hiking and walking trails in the area.

Didn't find what you were looking for in this guide? Don't sweat it—Wander Concierge has your back 24/7 for questions and concerns about the property!

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