Wander Orford Cliffs: Complete Guide

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Wander Orford Cliffs: Complete Guide

If you're staying at Wander Orford Cliffs soon, you'll want to get a head start by knowing some things about Port Orford beforehand. Luckily, this complete guide covers the most essential things to know about the area, from amazing restaurants to nearby airports.

How to get there

Did you know that there's a Tesla waiting for you at Wander Orford Cliffs? All you have to worry about is your transportation to and from the airport if you're flying in, and this guide covers exactly that.

Nespresso machine instructions

You won't have to worry about getting your coffee fix elsewhere because there's a handy Nespresso machine (plus capsules) waiting for you at the kitchen. Here's how to operate it.

Where to eat

This restaurant guide contains Port Orford's best-kept dining secrets. We'll tell you exactly where to eat out in the area!

Suggested activities

If you're feeling extra adventurous, why don't you try horseback riding or windsurfing? Plan your itinerary ahead with this guide on fun activities you can do around Port Orford and beyond.

Hiking and walking trails

Wander Port Orford's natural scenery with this guide to hiking and walking trails in the area.

Child-friendly activities and babysitters

Bringing the kiddos to Port Orford for a little vacay? In this guide, rounded up some activities you can enjoy together. You can also check out some babysitter options in the area if you want to take some time off.

Pet-friendly activities and services

Bringing your furry pals with you? We got you. Check out this guide for fun activities, pet-friendly restaurants, and shops around town.

Spa retreats

After a full day's worth of hiking and activities, you might want to take a step back and relax with these spas in Port Orford!


Port Orford may be a bit mellow during the day but that doesn't mean that you'll run out of things to do after dusk falls. Check out these bars and occasional events in the area!

Complete your stay at Wander Orford Cliffs with a nice oceanfront dinner and a relaxing massage to end your day of adventure. Fortunately, Wander Concierge can take care of the nitty gritty for you. Contact us for a hassle-free experience!

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