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Getting Charged for Damages

Unexpected things can happen and we’re ready to help sort it out!

We understand that everyday wear and tear, as well as accidental breakages, can cause unexpected damage to commonly used items around the house. When this happens, there's no need to worry!

Take the First Step

It would be really helpful if you could inform us as soon as possible, along with a photo of the damaged item/s, so our team can assess the situation. We have house insurance in place, and we will submit a claim to avoid any charges to you. If there are any additional charges to pay, we will let you know and send you the invoice after.

Gentle Reminder

A quick reminder that the pet fee paid doesn’t cover any damages caused by your pet to the property, including but not limited to pet hair in restricted areas, pee stains, feces, or claw markings. In this regard, please be reminded to follow our pet policy, and you can find more details about it in our Booking Rules here.

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