How Coupons Work

A simple guide about using coupon codes for your booking

Ever wondered how to make the most of those promo codes for your upcoming trip? Whether it's a special offer from our marketing campaigns, a social media giveaway, or a referral code from a friend, applying coupons is a breeze.

Here's a quick guide to understanding how coupons work:

  • Codes can be obtained from marketing emails, social media posts, influencers, or friends.

  • Navigate to the "Pay for your trip" section during checkout.

  • In this section, find the "Got a promo code?" option.

  • Enter the promo code you received into the designated space.

Additional tip: Discounts, promotions, or credits can only be utilized within the Wander ecosystem during the checkout process. For more details, check out our Rules Page.

That's it! Follow these simple steps, and watch your total cost shrink as you unlock exclusive discounts.

Need help with the validity of a coupon? Feel free to reach out to Wander’s 24/7 Concierge Team through the Wander App!


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