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How to Use Credits from Referrals

Seamlessly apply credits for bigger savings on Wander

To get bigger savings and a smoother travel experience, here's how you can apply credits during check-out within the Wander ecosystem.

What Your Credits Can Be Used For

  • Credits are exclusive to the Wander ecosystem, covering expenses like trip costs, pet fees, and other eligible payments. Anything outside of this will incur a cash charge.

Using Credits from Referral

  • When you receive a referral code from an ambassador, apply it effortlessly at checkout to deduct it from your total.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Credits can ONLY be applied during the checkout process within the Wander ecosystem.

  • Credits cannot be applied retroactively or to previously booked stays.

  • They are not transferrable to cash.

  • Credits cannot be used for re-bookings of canceled trips on the same dates.

Enhance your travel experience effortlessly by making the most of your Wander credits within the Wander ecosystem. You can read more about our credit policy here.

Need assistance with your Wander credits? Reach out to our 24/7 Concierge Team via the Wander App for prompt support!


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