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Who is Wander Concierge?

Meet Wander Concierge!

Meg Quimpo
MegTravel Concierge
Who is Wander Concierge?

Origins of Wander Concierge

When Wander launched and we had our first customers, John Andrew (my brother and Wander’s CEO and founder) was the first “Concierge” answering guest emails! Soon, he needed help, and I of course was happy to help, and I became Wander’s second “Concierge” (after John Andrew!). I was then tasked with recruiting and building out our 24/7 Concierge team! 

John Andrew wanted to make sure the team was made of people “you’d want to be friends with,” so you always feel like you are talking to a caring friend, and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to pick out the best, brightest, and coolest team I could ever ask for!

How Concierge Works Internally

When you book a stay with Wander, know that your needs are covered every step of the way. From the moment you make a reservation to the second you check out, our dedicated text-based Concierge Team is available around the clock to make your stay as seamless as possible.

I manage the team every day of the week, so any day you need me, I am available to help. If you ever need to chat with me, you can always ask to talk to “Rachel”. We are text-based so we can help multiple guests at once quickly, but if you ever need a phone call, I am more than happy to give you a ring. One of our virtues is “Our guests are everything, without them we are nothing”, so I am indefinitely at your service and always here for you. 

I’m overjoyed to introduce you to my team! Read on to meet Wander Concierge!


Rachel Entwistle

Your Wander Concierge Team!


  • Operations Lead

  • Marikina, Philippines

  • 2-10 PM EST, Monday-Friday

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Andi manages the day-to-day operations of the Concierge and Property Management departments, carrying out managerial duties such as delegating and overseeing tasks and meeting department and company goals. She also implements new internal policy changes and hires plus trains new employees.

What Andi loves most about Wander: "Only a handful of new companies find themselves in the position to become a standout success story. Wander is one of those companies, and I love the fact that internally, it’s built on hard work, passion, determination, and respect for one another in the workplace."

About Andi: She loves learning new things. During her spare time, you can find her either reading on Kindle, working out in the gym, listening to a finance podcast, or studying French. She also enjoys planning beach trips and getting competitive during trivia nights. 

Her personal goals include becoming a meditation practitioner, achieving fluency in 5 languages, and traveling to more than 50 countries.

Advocacies: Mental Health, VAW

Fun fact: Andi has insane luck in games (especially two-person kinds)—Poker; Ticket to Ride; Rock, Paper, Scissors—you name it!


  • Guest Experience Lead

  • Makati City/Iloilo City, Philippines

  • 2-10 PM EST, Sunday-Thursday

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Jill oversees the day-to-day operations and departmental projects of the Guest Experience/Concierge Team, making sure that communication between Wander and guests is consistent and smooth. She also manages guest-facing content on the app and website, proposes and implements new policy changes, and hires plus trains the Guest Experience Team.

What Jill loves most about Wander: "The people and culture behind Wander, hands down. The kind of working environment that Wander fosters is rare in the startup world. I am beyond lucky to work alongside incredibly kind, passionate, and hardworking people."

About Jill: She’s an adventurer at heart, and nothing excites her more than discovering new things across various aspects of life. She loves trying out new restaurants (Italian and Japanese food are her favorites!), solo traveling, figuring out new transport systems, and people-watching. Her simple joys include a good cup of coffee, spending evenings in a jazz bar, hiking in nature, and going on camping trips. 

Her personal goals include moving to Europe within the next few years and hiking the Milford Track in New Zealand.

Advocacies: Zero Waste and Sustainability

Jill’s biggest goal is to get a master’s degree in environmental policy and/or sustainability management.

Fun fact: Despite loving the outdoors, Jill’s terrified of butterflies and moths!


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Mandaluyong, Philippines

  • 2-10 PM EST, Friday-Tuesday

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Nats’ main responsibilities include updating the Help Center blogs as well as updating the knowledge base and app guidebooks.

What Nats loves most about Wander: "One of the things that makes Wander so special is the amazing people I get to work with. They always come up with fresh ideas and since everyone comes from different backgrounds, they see things and situations from a unique perspective. Also, from the CEO down to everyone below, people are receptive to new ideas and that really makes all the difference!"

About Nats: To wind down after a long day, she watches light-hearted series on Netflix, listens to podcasts about daily life, looks at cute cat or dog content, and goes on daily walks with her husband. She’s also obsessed with Japanese food (and pretty much all things Japan)!

As she transitions to family life, she focuses on balancing her new role while maintaining a successful career. She happily shares that her love for travel has been passed down to her hubby and family, which is why they have at least one trip to look forward to annually. This is a tradition she hopes to keep for years to come.

Fun fact: One upon a time, Nats worked as Santa’s elf up in the North Pole!

Ana (Ani - Anita)

  • Travel Concierge 

  • Tucuman, Argentina

  • 11 AM-7 PM EST, Monday-Friday

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Ana oversees event coordination and works on designing QR codes for home set-ups.

What Ana loves most about Wander: "It’s such an amazing group of people: We care for and help each other while giving our best. Everyone’s so kind."

About Ana: Her interests include fashion (not only clothing itself but everything involved), politics and history, and sagas like Harry Potter and Star Wars. In her free time, you can find her indulging in mouthwatering Italian pasta and pizza, watching romcoms or her favorite football team, and spending time with her dog.

She hopes to be able to get a master’s degree while still being able to grow in her professional career remotely.

Fun fact: When Ana was younger, she wanted to be an English translator to be able to work from home and travel at the same time. Turns out she didn’t need to be a translator to work that way!


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Parañaque, Philippines

  • 11 AM-7 PM EST, Thursday-Monday

Article picture

Crystal works on the QR codes, Help Center blogs, and workflow forms.

What Crystal loves most about Wander: "The people are supportive, kind, and helpful. So much opportunity to learn from doing things within and outside your role."

About Crystal: She’s a fun foodie who enjoys cooking, baking, and munching on chocolates, ice cream, and sushi. She also loves listening to podcasts, watching (and crying over) romcoms and Hells’s Kitchen, and making trips to the grocery.

She has big plans of traveling the world and building a business, so she can reach her goals of having more freedom when it comes to time and finances.

Fun fact: Crystal's allergic to perfume! (She can only spritz some on her clothes if ever.)


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Dumaguete, Philippines

  • 7 PM-3 AM, Thursday-Monday

Article picture

Diane writes Help Center blogs and travel guides as well as audits transportation-related materials.

What Diane loves most about Wander: "Everyday, I feel so grateful to be able to work in a successful hospitality company that’s keen on standing out in the travel industrywhere everyone is so kind and supportive too! The management and my colleagues inspire me every day."

About Diane: Outside of work, Diane’s most likely to be found cooking, gardening, thrifting, going to concerts, watching shows (currently obsessed with White Lotus, Ted Lasso, and Platonic!), or indulging in flavorful Thai or Indian food. She also prioritizes her health and tries to be consistently active through strength training, walks, and the occasional boxing and yoga sessions.

She’s nomadic by heart, so you can always find her planning a trip. She can spend hours at any local or foreign market, looking for different ingredients and handmade goods.

Advocacy: Animal Welfare

Diane donates to local shelters whenever possible and hopes to adopt dogs in the future.

Fun fact: Diane’s a Manifesting Generator in Human Design!


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Quezon City, Philippines

  • 2-10 PM EST

Article picture

Meg helps out with the knowledge base updates and auditing, booking extension tracking, and Help Center articles.

What Meg loves most about Wander: "The people! I’m currently the newest Concierge member, and everybody has been incredibly helpful and kind. I’m happy and proud to work with a team of smart women, and I’m constantly inspired to do better."

About Meg: In her free time, she’s most likely bonding with her 5+ cats, watching slice-of-life vlogs and beauty or fashion content, or looking for new cafes and restaurants to visit during weekend dates. She loves Asian beauty skincare and makeup, cute things like Snoopy and Miffy, gourmand scents, online shopping, and flavorful Korean and Thai food.

Her idea of a fulfilling life is one wherein she and her partner can build a small family, move into a cozy home, and bask in simple joys like coffee & pastries and the occasional getaway.

Advocacy: Animal Welfare

Meg has adopted, fostered, and rescued cats while actively supporting, communicating with, and donating to rescue groups whenever possible. It’s a very meaningful advocacy for her, and she hopes to inspire others along the way.

Fun fact: Meg's friends turn to her whenever they need to find someone on social media—she's known as the (pro bono) PI in her circles!


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Parañaque, Philippines

  • 3-11 AM EST, Monday-Friday

Article picture

Mella handles booking extension offers, team recaps, home guidebook auditing, and local field contact updates.

What Mella loves most about Wander: "The passion and service culture of the people, from top to bottom! Everyone seems excited to be here and to be a part of building a wonderful thing!"

About Mella: Most days, you can find her reading fiction or watching movies, tuning into gaming streams, or singing along to playlists. Her many interests include digital art, indie-pop, Broadway, and soft things (like her cute dog, Darcy!). She’s a listener at heart and loves spending time with her friends (and chiming in with some witty humor). 

With her degree in Psychology, she dreams of pursuing a clinical profession in the future.

Advocacies: Mental Health, Public Education.

Mella aspires to be a clinical professional to make healthcare and psychosocial literacy more accessible outside of urban centers. For now, she focuses on building her work ethic and empathy. 

Fun fact: Mella grew up and learned English in Singapore!


  • Travel Concierge 

  • Cebu, Philippines

  • 3-11 AM EST, Friday-Tuesday

Article picture

Alex contributes to the Help Center, Trips section, and internal knowledge base.

What Alex loves most about Wander: "What I really like about Wander is the people. Being around those who motivate you to do better is powerful. That's the vibe at Wander for me. No frills, just great work and a great product."

About Alex: She’s an avid traveler who loves going on road trips, visiting cafes with friends, and exploring new cultures. In her free time, you can also find her listening to indie music, watching anime or reading manga, and indulging in films.

Writing has always been her passion. She aspires to connect with more people through her words and inspire others to live freely and wholly while working on her dream of publishing a book.

Advocacies: Gender Equality and Diversity, Safe Spaces for the Queer Community, Mental Health, Access to Quality Education

Fun fact: Every day, Alex writes anonymously to thousands of people. While people say her words have saved them, she believes it’s their words that keep her going.

Executive Team

Karlene Holloman

Chief of Operations

Article picture

Karlene joins Wander as our new COO and brings in over 30 years of hospitality experience from the US and Australia. She leads by example and actively collaborates with team members, ensuring everyone feels supported and barriers are eliminated across the board.

With the vision of continuous extensive growth within the year and international expansion in 2025, Karlene gives precedence to the standardization and stability of processes at the forefront of creating a consistent customer experience.

Rachel Entwistle

Director of Operations

Article picture

Rachel manages multiple dynamic teams including Concierge, Home Setups, and Property Management. She oversees coordination across departments, churning out operational solutions, building protocols and systems, and managing the completion of home setups. Beyond this, she believes in building a team "you’d want to be friends with,” and she's thrilled to be working alongside the best and brightest people at Wander.

Rachel's achievements include working with the Home Setup and Property Management teams to deliver a 100% increase in home setups completed month-over-month and a 10% increase in on-portfolio homes while leading a Concierge team with 91% guest satisfaction.

Thank you for staying with us!

We love being of service in your travel journey!

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