Elevator Instructions: Wander Surfside Beach

Here are the instructions for the elevator at Wander Surfside Beach! Please read before use due to the elevator shutting down into "safety mode" if not operated properly!

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Elevator Instructions: Wander Surfside Beach

Here are instructions for the elevator at Wander Surfside Beach! Please read how to operate it because if not operated properly, the elevator shuts down and needs to be reset!


You’ll find the elevator access door next to the garage bay. The door faces the beach.

Please note: If you open the door or unlatch the door too early, it will cause the elevator to go into safety mode. Safety mode will hold the elevator in a certain place regardless of what floor you call it from. In this case, the elevator will need to be “hard reset.” 

How to use:

  1. The elevator key is in the kitchen cabinet pull-out drawer.

  2.  Use the elevator key to open the door. 

  3. Call the elevator with the call button. 

Please note: The “call” button will flash when the door is ready to be opened.

It is important to wait until the elevator settles to open any doors before the elevator arrives on the floor. 

Unlatching or opening any doors before the elevator settles will cause the elevator to lock in place in safety mode. Please wait for the call button to blink before opening.  

  1. Load items and close BOTH exterior and accordion doors inside the elevator. 

  2. Press desired floor. 


Here are a few tips to remember when using the elevator:

  1. There is a big red button inside the elevator, please ensure that it's pushed in to function.

  2. Please also ensure that all the doors are closed on all other floors. All access doors (one on each level) within the home must be closed. The interior accordion door also needs to be closed to ensure operation.

  3. The STOP switch in the car panel must be in the “run” position. It's in the car panel, red button.

Check out this VIDEO for a quick overview of how to use the elevator.


If the outer door does not open:

You can grab the metal rod in the rightmost top drawer in the kitchen closest to the living room with the Southeastern elevator tag on it, stick the rod through the hole on the door at a downward angle and then feel for the lock mechanism and lift it up.

Hard Reset: When the doors were opened too soon

Go into the third-floor first bedroom, and the far closet will have the elevator shut off equipment. Pull off the cover for the panel, and press the silver power button on the power unit at the bottom of the box labeled Cyberpower. 

Wait until it beeps three times (this turns the power off). Let it sit for a full minute. Press the same silver button until you hear three beeps again (this will turn the power back on). This is considered a hard reset. 

Here's a detailed video on how to perform the elevator hard reset.


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