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How to Use the 8Sleep App at a Wander

A good night's sleep is just a few taps away!

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How to Use the 8Sleep App at a Wander

Here at Wander, we aim to help you find your happy place by carefully selecting gorgeous homes in breathtaking locations. You can control the lights, thermostats, and so much more with your fingertips.

We know that a relaxing vacation starts with a comfortable bed and a good night's sleep – that’s why we didn't settle for anything less than the best. To top off your stay, we have the 8Sleep Pod Pro waiting for you.

So if you are new to the 8Sleep Pod Pro bed, keep reading for tips on how to make the most of it while staying at Wander.

8Sleep App Access and Features

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8Sleep features from left to right: Temperature Dial, Health report, and Sleep tools (Photo courtesy of Future & T3.com)

When you arrive, there will be an iPhone or Android phone with the 8Sleep app on the bedside table for you to use. We have already logged in using Wander's dedicated 8Sleep account so that you can use it right away. 

However, if you have your own access, it's best to avoid logging in with your account to prevent any technical problems for the next guest. If you need our login info, just let Concierge know, and they’ll give it to you. 

As we go along, we will guide you through the two main features of the 8Sleep app: Temperature Controls and Sleep Tools.

Temperature Controls

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Showing the Temp Dial, which goes from extremely cold (-10) to zero or neutral and to extremely hot (+10). (Photo courtesy of PCMag)

Let’s start with one of the top features of 8Sleep beds, the temperature controls. Imagine sleeping peacefully through the night—cool in the summer or warm in the winter—that’s the wonder of 8Sleep! 

To adjust the temperature, simply navigate to the Temp Dial on the Home Tab and activate the heating or cooling feature by pressing the power button in the middle. The dial can be adjusted to +/- 10 degrees based on personal preference.

One of the great things about this system is that it’s very intuitive, and you can easily customize the temperature settings for a comfortable sleep depending on your mood. 

You can set up 8Sleep's Smart Alarm feature, which allows you to choose an optimum temperature for when it’s time for you to wake up. A gentle vibration, ranging from 1 to 10, can also be activated to help nudge you awake for a great start to your day.

Sleep Tools

The Sleep Tools tab on the 8Sleep app offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, stretch routines, and relaxing audio tracks to enhance your sleep experience at Wander. Feel free to check them out and make the most out of it!


If Wander's account gets logged off from the 8Sleep app, you can retrieve the account details on the Wander App’s Trips tab. Look for the Home Manual section and find the 8Sleep Beds portion. To identify which account and password to use, check the label at the back of the phone where we have written the username.

Meanwhile, if the mobile unit loses connection to the 8Sleep Hub or Wifi, don't worry. The app will guide you through the steps to reconnect.

However, if the problem persists and you’re unsure how to proceed, our Wander Concierge Team can assist you by restarting the device remotely and providing additional troubleshooting steps.

After a restful night's sleep, we hope you're ready to explore the area. If you are looking for travel tips or insights, don't hesitate to ping Wander's 24/7 Concierge Team at +1-737-377-3205. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a spa lover, or a foodie, we've got you covered!

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