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How To Use The Peloton

Your no-frills guide to using the Peloton at Wander.

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How To Use The Peloton

In case you didn't know, most Wander properties have a gym, which includes a Peloton, among other gym equipment. So, here’s how to use the Peloton to get the most epic vacation workout.

How to log in

The Peloton is already logged in with our Wander account and ready for use. If you have a personal Peloton account and want to keep tracking your progress on vacation, you can log into your account.

If the Peloton is logged out and you don’t have a personal account, text Wander concierge for the login details and they’ll hook you up.

How to turn on the Peloton

Safety Tip: Ensure the handle and seat are properly tightened before use. Loose handles and seats can cause injury.

To turn on the Peloton, use the power button at the back of the screen. You can also find other controls and features at the back of the screen like the headphone jack, volume controls, and USB port.

If there is no power to the Peloton, check to ensure the power cord is fully plugged in. If the issue persists, you can check the breaker panel to ensure the breaker wasn’t chipped.

How to connect to Wifi

The Peloton should be automatically connected to the Wander WiFi network. If the WiFi is not connected, select the Wander network and use the WiFi password provided in the Wander app.

How to adjust your seat

Safety Tip: Before adjusting your seat, remove weights from the weight holder behind the seat.

Adjust your seat position using the L-shaped lever below the seat. Turn the L-shaped handle counter-clockwise to loose and clockwise to tighten.

Seat height - The height of the seat from the floor

If it’s your first time using a Peloton, we recommend setting your seat height to be in line with your hip bone. The height of your seat should feel natural and comfortable for you.
Turn the L-shaped handle counter-clockwise to loose and clockwise to tighten.

Seat depth - The distance of the seat from the screen

We suggest setting your seat depth as the length of your fingertip to your elbow.

Finding the best body position

The best body position for the Peloton is when your arms are slightly bent, your hands rest on the handlebar without reaching and your legs are slightly bent at the bottom of the stroke.

Shoe attachments available

Safety Tip: Always wear appropriate shoes when using the Peloton. Riding barefoot can lead to injury. Ensure all bolts on the pedals are secure before use.

The Wander gym only has sneaker straps available.

Adjusting resistance

You can adjust resistance using the resistance knob found beneath the handlebar. It’s a round knob with the Peloton “P” on it.

Turn the knob right to increase resistance.

Turn the knob left to decrease resistance.

Press the knob down for the emergency brake.

Joining a class or riding without instruction

One of the most exciting features of the Peloton is the guided classes. Select “classes” from the home screen and join a live or on-demand class.

Peloton care and hygiene

Safety Tip: Avoid moving the bike. This can damage the floors.

Wipe down the Peloton with a damp cloth after every ride – especially areas prone to sweat such as the seat and handlebars.

If you use the Peloton more than 3-5 times during your stay, use a damp cloth and mild household cleaner to wipe the seat and handlebar.

Text the 24/7 Wander concierge team at 1-737-377-3205 for further support. We can't wait to welcome you!

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