Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y Guide

Staying at a Wander and want to know how to use the Tesla that comes with your smart home vacation rental? You're at the right place!

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Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y Guide

First time using the Tesla Model 3 or the Tesla Model Y? Check out this guide! 

Upon arrival at your Wander, the keycard is inside of the Tesla by the cupholder at your Wander Home! If you have any questions, your Wander Concierge is available via text: 737-377-3205.

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Written Instructions:

How to unlock Tesla Model 3/Y with a key card

To access Model 3/Y with your key card, place your key card on the card reader – making sure the Tesla logo is facing you. The card reader can be found a third of the way up on the door pillar on the driver’s side (the black strip that divides the front and passenger window). 

Once the key is detected, the lights on the exterior of the Model 3/Y will flash.

Note: You may need to hold the key card against the door pillar for a few seconds when opening 

How to lock the Tesla Model 3/Y with a key card

Locking the Model 3/Y is as easy as unlocking it. Just follow the same steps used to unlock the vehicle.

How to put the Tesla Model 3/Y in drive

Start driving by placing your foot on the brake to power it up as soon as you unlock the car, then move the gear selector down to drive the vehicle. The gear selector is on the right side of the steering wheel.

To select other gears; 

Reverse - Push the selector up 

Park - Push the button on the selector in

Neutral - Hold down the selector for 1-3 seconds 

Note: If you wait longer than two minutes to power up the car, you’ll need to place your key card on the console (between the cup holders and the armrest) to power it up. 

How to charge the Tesla Model 3/Y

Park the vehicle, press and release the button on the Tesla charging connector to open the door to the charge port. The charge port door is on the left side of the vehicle. 

You can also open the door by:

  • Pressing the bottom of the charge port door when the vehicle is unlocked

  • Using the touchscreen Controls > Charging > Open Charge Port.

Note: The Tesla “T” lights up when the charge port door is open. The charge port door closes if the connector is unplugged for more than a few minutes.

How to use Tesla supercharger network

Put the vehicle in park, and plug in the connector port at the Supercharger station. 

How to open the front trunk

To open the front trunk, push the button on the gear selector inwards to park the vehicle and touch the “open” icon on the touchscreen. 

How to turn on the wiper blades 

The wiper blade controls are on the left side of the steering wheel. A single press does one wipe while pressing down on the button activates your wiper fluid and cleans the windshield. 

How to use Tesla voice command 

To turn on voice command, press the scroll button on the right side of the steering wheel once. 

How to control music 

To turn the music volume up or down, use the scroll button on the left side of the steering wheel. Scroll up to turn the music volume up and scroll down to turn the music volume down. Pressing the left scroll button acts as a pause/play command. 

If you would like to skip a song, press the left side of the scroll button to go back and press the right side to go forward. 

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