Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Travel

Gift-giving can be so fulfilling. If the recipient loves to travel, it can open up a lot of doors to the perfect gift! Here are some ideas!

Wander Travel Team
WanderTravel Team
Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Travel

Getting the perfect gift is simple when you think about what someone loves. Usually my go-to for gift giving is to stalk their Instagram and see what they post the most about! If many of those photos are travel pics, you are in the right place! 

Here are gift ideas for someone who loves travel!

1.       A Sleep Mask

People who travel will often find themselves in situations where they desperately need shut-eye despite the hustle and bustle around them. A sleep mask takes them to a peaceful place where they can escape the outside world and get some rest, so they are restored for the next leg of their journey. It’s recommended to find one that blocks light well and is made of a soft material.

2.       Luggage

Luggage makes the perfect gift for a friend that enjoys traveling. Bags and suitcases constantly get banged around and worn out so there’s a constant need for new ones. Purchase a high-quality item and you know you’ll have a winner. Anything from a tote to a suitcase will come in handy.

3.       Personal Water Filter

A personal water filter is portable and a great way to keep the digestive system on track. It can be used on the water in almost any city or country.

4.       Cosmetics Cases

Most travelers will want to separate their cosmetics and personal care items from the rest of their luggage. This will ensure that nothing gets ruined or damaged through spillage and leakage. A cosmetics case will keep all health and beauty aids in one container so they will be protected and easy to find.

5.       Travel Sets

Plane restrictions make it difficult to travel with any sort of liquid unless it’s in a small container. You can save your friend the trouble of pulling their home apart to find the perfect containers by buying them convenient travel sets. These can include shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, sunblock, and more.

6.       Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are another item that will make it easy to sleep in a noisy environment. Just put them over your ears and they will block out all noise providing a peaceful sleep experience. It will also allow the recipient to listen to music, podcasts, meditative sounds, and more.

7.       Silk Pillowcase

You can make your friend’s experience a little more luxurious by giving them a silk pillowcase. The pillowcase can be slipped over any hotel bed pillow to make them feel like they are sleeping in a palace.

8.   Hoodie

A hoodie is known for being one of the best things you can wear on a plane. It’s warm, comfy and the hood can be pulled over the face to block out light to create a restful environment. Make it even more special by including comfy sweatpants in the package.

9.   Passport Wallet

Passports are somewhat oddly shaped items. They rarely fit into a wallet forcing travelers to put them in exterior pockets where they can easily get lost. Fortunately, there are designers that have recognized this common plight and have designed wallets that can hold a passport as well as some cash and credit cards. This is a convenient item that makes a terrific gift for frequent travelers.

10.   Battery Pack

When traveling, an outlet to charge electronics isn’t always accessible. A portable battery pack will eliminate that problem, and your friend will be so grateful for the gift every time it saves their battery life, and they’ll think of you every time!

10.   Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass gives travelers access to airport lounges around the world offering a more relaxing airport experience without the need to spend money on an expensive first-class ticket. Memberships start at $99 a year and provide members with access to over 1300 airport lounges globally.

Good Luck!

Gift-giving can be so fulfilling. If the recipient loves to travel, it can open up a lot of doors to the perfect gift! Which of these will you be purchasing for the nomadic individual on your list? 

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