Gualala Pizza

Looking for some Pizza in the coastal town of Gualala? Here are your options to grab a slice to take to the beach and watch an ocean sunset!

Wander Travel Team
WanderTravel Team
Gualala Pizza

Gualala is a tiny peaceful town, tucked inside the bluffs of the Gualala River on the northern edge of Sonoma County. It is known for its peaceful vibe and its unique microclimate. It’s ocean winds keep fog offshore making every day in Gualala a sunny day. If you are in Gualala and looking for a slice, there are two options to check out.

Upper Crust Pizzeria

In the tiny town of Gualala, this is a super tasty bet and one of our favorite places to get take-out.  The pizza is fresh, and its super fun to get a pie to take to the coast to watch the sunset. If you’re staying at Wander, for sure bring the pizza pie to the daybed in the back for your sunset meal. Just follow the path through the trees in the back of Wander Anchor Bay, and don’t forget to bring a glass of wine. 

Upper Crust has options to build-your-own pizza with popular toppings like pepperoni, as well as specialty toppings like kalamata olives, and feta cheese.

They also have a delectable selection of specialty pizzas like the Sea Ranch and the Western. Sides and salads are available as well as a variety of beverages including beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Gualala Pizza and Bakery

In the little coastal town of Gualala, this is your second option for pizza. It is located in the Sundstrom Mall, near the grocery store. When you visit make sure to check out the huge redwood stump in the parking lot. The tree was cut down, and from the stump, the ancient tree grew new leaves and continued to live.

Gualala Pizza and Bakery has Their pizza selection includes interesting specialty pies like the Gualala Monster Pizza, the Prima Vera, and the Carnivore. You can also make your own creation.

The bakery at this location is also an option to get some pastries to go in the morning. In a town like Gualala, it’s super special to take your food to the coast so you can enjoy an ocean view. 


There’s nothing like enjoying a great slice of pizza in a laid-back spot like Gualala. Now that you know the places in town, you can enjoy some cheesy goodness. 

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