Upscale Dining in Mendocino County

Mendocino County is known for its Redwood forests, incredible Pacific coastlines, breweries, wineries, and awesome food.

Wander Travel Team
WanderTravel Team
Upscale Dining in Mendocino County

Mendocino County is located on California’s north coast, equidistant from the San Francisco Bay area and the California/Oregon border. It is the southernmost California county to be included in the temperate rainforest’s ecoregion.

The county is known for its Redwood forests, its unique Pacific coastlines, and its breweries and wineries. And you can bet there are several fantastic restaurants in the area that offer food to accompany these locally produced beverages. Here are a few you will want to visit when you’re in the area.

St. Orres

Distance from Wander Anchor Bay: 5 Miles

Our favorite for upscale dining is St. Orres, which looks like something from a fairytale and is only five minutes from Wander Anchor Bay. St.Orres serves award-winning North Coast cuisine in their three-story dining room. They specialize in fresh seafood, wild game, and veggies. They also have a Seaside Bar where guests can order cocktails and small plates. They offer a seasonally changing menu.

The restaurant defines North Coast cuisine as foods that are sourced from the area around it. This includes plants and animals that thrive in the community such as wild boar, sea urchins, mushrooms, blackberries, fennels, greens, cod, truffles, and crab. They believe in supporting Mendocino farmers by purchasing locally sourced foods.

Trillium Café and Inn

Distance from Wander Anchor Bay: 45 miles

Trillium prides itself in providing a romantic dining experience. They offer both outdoor and indoor dining. Outdoor dining happens in the garden which is equipped with a tent and heater.

The restaurant has several menus guests can order from. These include a lunch and dinner menu, a dessert menu, a wine list, a holiday menu, and a picnic menu. The picnic menu is a to-go option that comes in a picnic box and includes a tablecloth, silverware, wine glasses, a wine opener, and a map with the best places in town to enjoy a picnic.

Their lunch and dinner menus offer a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. They also have a nice dessert menu and an extensive wine list.

Ledford House

Distance from Wander Anchor Bay: 40 miles

Ledford House is located seven miles south of Mendocino in Albion, CA. Its blufftop location provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Albion headlands. A French-inspired interior provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The California cuisine draws influences from Mediterranean, Asian and Latin regions. Their meat, poultry, and fish are locally and sustainably sourced.

In addition to terrific food, they also offer live jazz starting nightly at 7:00. Guests have the option of purchasing owner Lisa Greer’s fabric collages that portray scenes of romantic café life.

Harbor House Inn ( 2 Michelin Stars)

Distance from Wander Anchor Bay: 30 miles

Address: 5600 CA-1, Elk, CA 95432

Phone: (707) 877-3203


The Harbor House Inn is an inn and restaurant on the Mendocino coastline. The menu changes daily with an emphasis on seafood and vegetables which are cooked with fire, steam, and smoke. Executive chef Matthew Kammerer has won numerous awards for his culinary skills.

The restaurant offers a full experience dining menu with an optional beverage pairing. Much of their ingredients are sourced from the garden and farm that sits on their property. Their wine cellar holds a variety of California and French-inspired wines. They also serve sake, cider, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.


If you are visiting Mendocino County, a great meal is in order. The restaurants in this article will provide a dining experience that will make your trip that much more memorable. Which will you be eating at when you’re in town?

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